6 Tips For Moving On A Limited Budget

Moving is a very daunting task. It can get worse if you are on tight budget. Here are some helpful tips that can help you to move comfortably even on a tight budget.

Consider DIY vs. Professional Service

It is a misconception that hiring movers is always a more expensive option than moving yourself. You should compare the costs of professional movers and DIY. You can get quotes from three companies. You can negotiate with the movers and get a good deal. You can move during the off-season. The movers may offer discounts during that time. They might lower their rates to as much as 30%. If DIY still looks affordable, then don’t rush. Plan your move. You can ask your friends to help you in moving.

Don’t pay for boxes

Boxes are essential for moving. Many moving companies charge a lot of money for the boxes. But you can get lots of boxes for free. You can bring empty boxes from the grocery store or office. Printer-paper boxes are helpful as they are large and can carry more items. You can ask a friend who has moved recently to lend your some boxes. You can ask you local liquor store fro boxes. There are some box renting services available. You can rent boxes from them.

Optimize your utility closing dates

There are some utility companies who won’t prorate your utility bill as of your departure date. If your billing cycle is not in line with the date of your moving, you can cut off the utility service early and avoid paying for the extra month. This is possible for your cable or Internet, but not your electricity.

Get rid of some of your stuff

There are many kinds of stuff in your house that you don’t use at all or not so often. You can think of donating those items to charity or frineds.This will eliminate the extra weight. When moving furniture, you should check the size of your new house to know whether your old furniture will fit in the new house. If not, then don’t bother taking them. Buy new ones instead.

Use postal service to move your books

Boxes that contain books are the heaviest ones. First, you should sort out the books and donate or sell the ones you don’t need. Then you should box up the rest and send them using postal service.

Avoid using bubble wrap

Bubble wraps can be expensive. You can use extra clothing, towels or bed linens instead of bubble wrap. You can save a lot of money this way.

You should track all your expenses and look for ways to save money. Moving is not easy, but these tips can help you save money.